Private Session

Private Pilates Equipment and CoreAlign Sessions (50 minute sessions):

Tailored to each client’s needs, private sessions allow the client to work at their own level and focus each session on specific needs and goals. The Comprehensively Trained Pilates or CoreAlign instructor will vary the workout, incorporating all the appropriate Pilates equipment to provide a personalized experience. Please call 727-772-6772 to book your first session.

Private Session Prices:




  Introductory Private Pilates or CoreAlign

$45 for Local Florida Residents Only

$45. 1st time


Single Private Session



Four (4) Privates Session Package



Six (6) Private Session Packages



Private oriented Membership prices:

Balanced Small Membership Package


● 4 Private Sessions

● 4  Group Sessions


You are saving $40

*Recommended attendance 2 times a week   

Private Membership package


● 6 Private Sessions

● 2 Group Classes


You are saving $45 

*Recommended attendance 2 times a week     

All Packages have 60day expiration. Please be sure of package purchase. No refunds.

SemiPrivate Pilates Equipment or CoreAlign  (50 minute sessions):

SemiPrivates consist of equally skilled partner(s). Bring in a friend, partner, spouse or coworker to workout. One instructor per two, three or four participants scheduled at same time(s) / day(s) weekly. SemiPrivates preregistration and prepayment required. If only one participant is able to attend a scheduled session,    a single participant is required to pay as private session for that day. Please call 7277726772 to book all sessions or click here to schedule online.




Single SemiPrivate Sessions

$50 Per Person

$50 Per Person

Four (4) SemiPrivate Session Package

$43 Per Person Per Session

$172 Per Person

  Six (6) SemiPrivate Session Package

$40 Per Person Per Session

$240 Per Person

All packages expire in 60 days. Please be sure of package purchase. No refunds

Please be sure of your commitment as there are no refunds and no holds on packages. Please note: All sessions require prepayment at the time of scheduling. Session packages must be paid for in full to receive package discount rate. All sessions are prescheduled by appointment. 60day expiration on all packages. Cancellation of scheduled classes must be made 12 hours in advance via text or via the studio app

I am interested in trying Pilates, what is the best way to start?

We recommend that all new clients, even if previously trained in Pilates, take advantage of our special one-time introductory private session where you will get to work individually with one of our highly trained Pilates teachers.  During this deeply discounted 50-minute session, you’ll go over your goals with your teacher, get a great, level-appropriate work out and get a sense of how the Pilates apparatus works, what our studio environment is like and how well what we have to offer aligns with your personal goals!  After this session, your teacher will make recommendations on how to proceed, go over all pricing and package options and either get you scheduled for your next session, or empower you with the information you need to think about whether you’d like to continue.  Clients can always reach out later after completing the intro session.  We enjoy taking a no-pressure approach to this introduction.  The cost for this is $45.

How do I book an introductory session or private session?

Please call or text us at 727-772-6772 or send us an email at

What does “Pilates” mean?

Pilates is named after its founder, Joseph Pilates, a German-born physical fitness enthusiast who developed the method and founded the first Pilates studio in 1927 in New York City. 

What type of Pilates Apparatus (equipment) do you have?

We are a fully equipped Pilates studio boasting 9 reformer/tower units, 7 chairs, a full Cadillac, 7 Step Barrels, a ladder barrel, a ped-o-pull and 4 Core Align’s.

What is the Core Align?

The Core Align is an apparatus designed by a Physical Therapist.  While not original to or part of the Pilates Method, it provides a great complement to the traditional Pilates repertoire.  We believe in its power and enjoy bringing this training to our clients.  Core Align work is often incorporated into private and group classes.  Learn more here:

Where are you located?

Our address is:

2710 Alternate 19 N

Palm Harbor, FL, 34683

Suite 203

We are located next to “DanceSport” and just a few doors down from “Adorable Nails”. Look for a large wooden deck and a lighthouse and you’ll see us 😊

I am dealing with injuries/physical conditions, can I still do Pilates?

In the majority of cases, YES! The Pilates method really lends itself well to modification for a wide array of injuries and physical conditions. And our instructors are all trained in protocols for safely working with common injuries and conditions. Depending upon what the condition or injury is, we typically recommend clients stick to private sessions (as opposed to group classes).  Where an injury is acute, we always recommend seeking the opinion of a medical professional and getting clearance before taking Pilates with us.

What do I wear to Pilates?

Comfortable workout clothes that you can move easily in with no zippers, knots, ties or design features that would make it uncomfortable to lie on your back or stomach.  We also recommend wearing Pilates grip socks to your first session.  We do have them for sale here in the studio but any brand from any retailer is totally acceptable 😊 After one’s first introductory session (which can be done in bare feet), grip socks are REQUIRED for future sessions.  Shoes and sneakers must be removed and stored in our cubbies before your workout.

What are the training standards for your instructors?

All our teachers are formally trained Pilates instructors from reputable and nationally and internationally recognized programs.  We are also an authorized teacher training facility for the  Balanced Body Pilates instructor curriculum so many of our teachers were trained and mentored onsite in this extensive program. Our teachers undergo rigorous training in Anatomy, the biomechanics of exercise and the long-standing tradition of the traditional Pilates method.  Regular continuing education keeps our team on the forefront of the latest research and developments in exercise science.  Instructors are required to know how to modify, challenge and progress clients safely and at the appropriate level. 

I am not very flexible/strong, can I still do Pilates?

Absolutely!  Pilates can help with flexibility but can be done by anyone regardless of flexibility/strength level.  The Pilates system is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises to meet each client where they need to be met.  We are equipped to serve anyone from those dealing with injuries and exercising formally for the first time in their 80s to elite athletes.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 12 hours’ advanced notice to avoid being charged for a session. The best way to cancel a private session is to call or text the studio at 727-772-6772

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds so please be sure of your purchase.  We will do everything in our power to make your experience here positive! If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach out to studio owners, Allie and Victoria at or respectively.

Do your packages have expiration dates?

Yes, all packages have a 60-day expiration date.  The 60 days start on the day you take the first session on your package, not on the day you purchase it. 

How early should I arrive?

On your first visit please arrive 5-10 minutes early so that you can fill out some brief paperwork and get settled.