We recommend beginning your journey with an introductory private session. This is a full length private session and gives you an opportunity to experience the studio and decide if it’s a fit for you. We can then discuss your goals and recommend a membership that will help you achieve your goals.

(Schedule your introductory private session hereOnly $45)

Text us to schedule.




Private sessions:

Single session

 Package of 4 Private Sessions


($72 per session) 

 Package of 6 Private Sessions


($70 per session)

*Private session is 50 min. Package expires after 60 days.

Group Classes:

Single group class

 Package of 4 group classes


($37 per class)

*All Group Classes are 50 min. Packages expire after 60 days.

Private & Group Session Memberships

Unlimited Group Class Membership

Balanced Small Membership


● 4 Private Sessions

● 4  Group Classes


You are saving $40

*Recommended attendance 2 times a week   

Private Oriented Membership


● 6 Private Sessions

● 2  Group Classes


You are saving $45

*Recommended attendance 2 times a week   

Group Class Oriented Membership


● 4 Private Sessions

● 8  Group Classes


You are saving $60

*Recommended attendance 3 times a week   

Packages are designed for a 4week workout plan and renew automatically every 28 days. To cancel your membership please call 727-772-6772 30 days before your renewal. No fees for cancellation and/or resubscription of membership.

Please be on time for your class or Private session. We highly recommend using gripping socks for your safety as well as hygienic purposes.

We have a 12hour cancelation policy. In case of a late cancel or no show, a cancellation fee will be applied, and you will be charged for the class. To cancel your appointment please call 727-772-6772 . You can also leave a voice message or text, just make sure to state your name.